Thursday 22nd March

  • Posted: March 22, 2018 
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As you can see from the photo we now have new outside lights installed in the main rabbit section!  The previous ones ended up as strobes – sometimes on, sometimes off, depending on how they felt at the time, which made things a bit difficult, so when Ed Day very kindly offered his services I jumped at the chance to finally sort them out.  Ed and wife Julie adopted lop male Marmite some years ago, and despite him having significant physical issues that requires regular vet treatment he has flourished under their care and there is no doubt in my mind they saved his life by taking him on.   It was whilst adopting their latest “problem” bunny (a netherland dwarf with malocclusion) that Ed mentioned he was an electrician and that he was willing to help the charity out if there was anything that needed doing.  The new lights are excellent and far better than the old ones (they work for a start) and I can now actually work in the whole area now whereas before the lights only reached a limited span, leaving the sides in the dark.  Thank you Ed and EJD Electrical for providing these, and free of charge too!


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