• Posted: November 23, 2018 
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Tango is 4 years old and is neutered.  He will be ready to bond with a neutered female from the 2nd December onwards.  Tango is a lovely bunny, and although he is quite fluffy around his head the rest of his fur is short so he will not require grooming apart from checking his mane from time to time.  He would be best as a house bunny or if outside it would be useful to cover any wood shavings with hay or soft straw to stop him picking up bits on his mane.  He is fat!  Now he is eating a balanced diet he will slim down nicely.  The usual adoption fee of £60 will apply.

If you would like to adopt Tango, do click on the adoption criteria link below so you are aware of our adoption criteria, especially regarding accommodation.  Also do have a read of the bonding article elsewhere on the website as this explains the slow bonding method, which is the recommended method for matching rabbits to keep stress and risk of fighting to a minimum.

UPDATE:  Tango is out on trial as a friend for a lonely neutered female (another lionhead) and if the bonding works he will be guaranteed a great home.

UPDATE by hopeful new owner:

Tango is a super bunny and I hope Ethel and him take to each other. I have a feeling that they will. Will keep you updated.

Further update:


Bunny update. Tango is doing well. He is a super friendly bun and gets very excited when he sees us. Ethel had her vaccinations yesterday. So today was the first time they have been introduced. I had them in the house as its neutral to them both and had them separated off from each other with a side from one of my runs. They went nose to nose quite a few times. Tango is very interested in Ethel. I think she is a bit more cautious but she kept going back over to him and sitting closer. I think its a positive sign. Will keep going like this for a while.

Fingers crossed and I will update you again soon





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