• Posted: June 12, 2018 
  • by Mairwen Guard   -  

This pair of mini lops are now here.  The film was taken here today (21st June) and the photos were taken by their previous owner.  Although they were house bunnies they are now living outside so will be happy in either environment.  They are a little overweight, especially the white one (Eebee, the female).  They are a male/female neutered pair, they have just had their combined vaccinations so will be able to have their RHD2 from 27th June onwards. Here is what their previous owner has said about them:

Stanley and Eebee are cousins. They are both Mini Lops named after the Cressida Cowell books about the adventures of a young girl called Emily Brown and her old grey rabbit toy called Stanley. Stanley is 2 years old, born on 5th June 2016, and he is neutered.  Eebee is nearly 2 years old, born on 15th July 2016, also neutered. 

They have been house rabbits since we bought them. Free run of the house 24-7 with a large dog cage as their freely accessible litter tray.

They are house trained and have never urinated anywhere other than their trays.  They LOVE a cardboard box and chew their way through these instead of the furniture!  Eebee is less inquisitive but more confident, Stanley is more inquisitive but more nervous.

Neither of them likes being picked up but Stanley loves a cuddle when you finally do pick him up. Eebee is much easier to pick up but she doesn’t like to be held. She will grunt to let you know when she has had enough. Stanley just starts to pat his feet on you to say it’s time to get down.  Eebee comes over and nudges you when she wants a tickle which they both love at the base of their ears.

Eebee will come over and nudge your foot and face you for her ears to be tickled then she will turn around about a pace away from you and that is when she wants a stroke.


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