• Posted: November 23, 2018 
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Olive is a very sweet black mini lop, 7 months old.  She has now been spayed and is fully vaccinated (combined and RHD2).  In the film below you will see she has a shaved right ear – this is due to the procedure used during her recent spay operation.  She is now ready to bond with a neutered male.  The usual adoption fee of £60 will apply.

If you would like to adopt Olive, do click on the adoption criteria link below so you are aware of our adoption criteria, especially regarding accommodation.  Also do have a read of the bonding article elsewhere on the website as this explains the slow bonding method, which is the recommended method for matching rabbits to keep stress and risk of fighting to a minimum.

UPDATE:  Olive is now out on trial as a friend for a lonely neutered male.

Here is an update from her hopeful new owner:

This is day 3 today and they will be home tomorrow, we will keep them separated for a few hours again then get them together, they had two little scraps but she didn’t have enough space to get away, and we broke them up quickly and they calmed down. They were much more at ease with each other this evening so fingers crossed! 




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