NEW RHD2 VACCINE – October 2017

  • Posted: October 13, 2017 
  • by Mairwen Guard   -  
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I have decided to now vaccinate all our rabbits against RHD2, so every rabbit will be protected against this new but deadly disease.  The vaccine will be given 2 weeks after the usual combined vaccination, but as this has raised our costs considerably I have reluctantly had to increase the adoption fee from £45 each to £60, which is still an excellent price considering each rabbit is neutered, vaccinated against 3 diseases, and checked for dental disease and temperament.  It also appears that the recommended booster is every 6 months rather than annually, but as this is a new vaccine things will likely change quickly so I will post any updates on the situation on the website as and when I get to hear about them.

I thought I would share a note I received a few days ago from 6 year old Amelie Nice and her sister, who between them managed to raise £6.50 in a conker sale, with the proceeds going to CottonTails – an excellent effort indeed, well done girls!  Apparently the girls love rabbits so I have told them it will buy some nice fresh vegetables for our current inmates who will really appreciate it.

The photo is of Alfie, who has recently been adopted to live the life of luxury with a neutered female.  Lucky bunny!

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