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This brother sister pair have been very lucky to go to a fantastic new home!  They are from the first litter of Bubble (her story is listed separately), the product of a pair of rabbits that were apparently mis-sexed by the pet shop …

UPDATE by new owners:

Hi Mairwen,

Sorry its taken me so long to send you an update, but Peanut and Milly are doing really well.


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Lily is a gorgeous blue eyed white lop neutered female, just under 3 years old.  She is almost 4kg so is a big girl!  She was successfully bonded to Ken, who had lost his brother recently, so she found her new home very quickly. …


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Lester (the white and grey speckled one) and Panda (the seal point) are brothers, 1-2 years old, and they are neutered and vaccinated and ready to be adopted as a bonded pair.  They are quite small lops, somewhere between mini and dwarf lops in size, the heaviest one being 2.2kg, the other one being 1.8kg.…