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Boomarang and Luther are a bonded pair of males, 18 months old.  Boomarang is ginger, white and agouti short haired, and Luther is tricoloured semi long haired.  Luther does not need grooming but an occasional trim around his rump to keep his fur neat and tidy. …


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Amber is a 1-2 year old female who is ready to have a new friend – female/females or a neutered male, so long as they get on.  She is short haired and is ginger with a white stripe down her nose.…


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When 5 year old Belle arrived she was a rather sad and lonely guinea pig, but it soon became clear that she absolutely adored cuddles and would fall asleep mid-cuddle as she was so relaxed and comfortable.  I was therefore delighted when a previous volunteer Claire got in touch to offer her a home as a friend for lonely guinea pig female Misty. …