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I would like to thank MAI Animal Health, Melksham, Wiltshire for donating a fantastic selection of small animal dental surgical instruments in June 2017 – they will be passed on to our vets who do all our dental checking and procedures and I am sure they will be very much appreciated!

Many people have helped CottonTails since we started in 1993, and I would like to give a very BIG thank you to everyone who has contributed in any way over the years. Although it would be a massive task to name each and every person, there are some individuals and organisations that have been particularly important in recent months (2017, 2018’s information will be available soon):

Special donations from organisations during 2017 from: 

ANIMAL AFFAIRS                                                              £400

CHARITIES TRUST                                                             £260

EASYFUNDRAISING                                                         £76.08

GIVE AS YOU LIVE                                                           £23.42

WESTON COYNEY PET LODGE                                     £140

MANOR FARM VETS, CODFORD                                  £18

NORTH HILL HOUSE SCHOOL, FROME                    £30.40

LIONS FETE, FROME                                                       £10.10

FIONA GIBSON (on behalf of a family trust)                £500

  • The Trustees for their continued support.
  • The RSPCA veterinary team headed by Damian Pacini in Bristol who carry out our neutering operations and most of our vaccinations, and without whom we could not continue.
  • Manor Farm Vets at Codford for supplying us with vaccines and medications.
  • The Beeches Vets at Melksham for going the extra mile when it comes to veterinary care
  • Francis, Wendy and Hazel, who all took turns to transport rabbits and guinea pigs to and from the vets in Bristol for neutering.
  • Foster carers Annabelle and Lizzie, without whom we would really struggle.
  • Annabelle, Hetty and Hannah, who continue helping to clean out on weekends.
  • Jon Humphrey for his support with issues relating to the web site.
  • My son Ben, and also Hetty and Isobel for giving vital holiday cover when I manage to sneak away.
  • My son David who helps out with the chickens and pigeons.
  • Bev Weekes for the original design of the CottonTails logo, and Ben Abbott for logo redevelopment.
  • Donation of special timothy hay and a huge box of healthy toys and treats sent by Jeanette, David and Daisy May.

Various people have given donations during 2017, and for the list in full please refer to the annual report 2017 which is posted elsewhere on the site – my sincere thanks to them all!  

Below is a photo of Ben, without whom I would never be able to have a break as he holds the fort for me if I manage to sneek a few days away!


Below is Annabelle who helped to clean out every Saturday morning for several years and now fosters rabbits for us.


Last but not least is Francis, my husband, without whom CottonTails could not run properly as he organises the trips to the tip, the bedding and vegetable collection runs, and various other vital roles in the day to day running of the charity.


Adopt-a-Hutch Sponsors

This is the section where sponsors of the adopt-a-hutch scheme can add their details and any message they would like to add.

Lettuce and Nibbles 10 19.11.14

Mark and Helen Pearson – Hello Mairwen. Happy New Year to you and all the bunnies and piggies currently residing with you. Thank you for all your hard work in 2018. Best wishes, Mark and Helen

Dianne Ellard:  In memory of my rabbits that I adopted from CottonTails many years ago – Ben and Jo, Scottie and Lucie.

Jo Davies:  To help with the bunnies.  Love From Petpals Salisbury x x

Chris Fearn:  In memory of Neil Fearn

Joan Lai-Tan:  To Andrew and Nick, On the occasion of their wedding on 22nd April 2018, with love from Joan and Al

Andrea Mapstone:  For Jenny xx

Sonja Glass:  I adopted a hutch for my mum for Mother’s Day.

Neil Prosser:  I just wanted to let you know about a rabbit we adopted from Cottontails in November 2009. I think her name was Honeybunny, which we didn’t really like so we knew her as Julep. She was put to sleep earlier this week after age and various ailments caught up with her. You told us she was three when we adopted her so that made her at least eleven when she passed, a grand old age for a bunny. She settled in with a few teething problems but soon formed a fantastic bond with our neutered male Fizz. They were inseparable until he left us in September 2016. She was a brave bunny having to undergo a large operation on her ear in August 2014 and never caused us any trouble. She’s going to be very sorely missed.  I’ve made a donation to Cottontails in her memory and as a way of saying thank you for the last eight years. Please keep up the good work.

Tim Green: Bungalow adopted as birthday gift for Sarah Green who loves bunnies and will be pleased to support your great work. From Tim, Alison and Monty.

Zoe Wyeth:   My dad brought Maisy to you this week after her brother Pip had to be put down. He has been kind enough to take great care of them both since a change in my living situation meant I couldn’t keep them anymore. I hated the thought of her being on her own so thank you so much for making sure Maisy will get a new best friend and a loving home. I hope the donation helps a bit. Thanks again. Zoe

Paul Wyeth, Lesley Mackinnon and Zoe Wyeth: In appreciation of all your animal welfare work.

Janet Simpson:  Thanks for all the help over the past years x