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These soft sculpture fabric hares are handmade by me, Annette Tait, and are inspired by my deep love of lagomorphs. I work for myself and I’ve been making and selling my hares online at The Leverets Nest since 2008. Each mama hare is unique, usually made from a thrifted scrap of material and comes named and accompanied by an original witty story. I love rabbits and hares dearly and have shared my heart and home with some precious rescue rabbits. I wholeheartedly support the tremendous work of rescues and am delighted to donate 20% from the sale of each mother, or father hare, to Cottontails Rescue. When purchasing a hare via the link above, message me ‘Cottontails Rescue’ so I can gladly forward the 20% donation to them. I love what I do and hope my hares reflect this love too. Thank you, xxx

Annabelle is one of CottonTails foster carers and she has set up facilities to take some rabbit and guinea pig boarders:  We provide spacious, outdoor rabbit accommodation with secure runs and plenty of toys! We also have indoor and outdoor Guinea pig housing, with runs on the grass for sunny days. Parkview bunny boarding is located in Chippenham, Wiltshire.   Database of rabbits in the UK looking for homes.     Scroll down to the small animal section and you will find some fascinating films about bunny care and behaviour. – Extensive collection of rabbit care information. – Extensive collection of rabbit health and medical information  – Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund – American house rabbit society     Gut stasis.  Also see the article on CottonTails web site.  Information about flystrike   CottonTails is grateful to Petplan Charitable Trust for their grant of £2000 in 2012 to help towards our neutering and vaccinating costs.   This website is definitely worth a look! Not just for bunnies but for all pets.   This site lists both local and international animal organisations that may need volunteers or paid employees.   A guinea pig care website and forum called “Guinea Pigs – Rodents with Attitude”    Boarding for small pets    Fantastic site run by very motivated and genuine people! Well worth a visit. You can also purchase items of clothing and other goodies.    The Rabbit Crossing – For information, advice, rehoming, bonding and boarding.     Yorkshire, 01274 792450.    Based in Stafford, this service offers boarding, holiday home visits, dog walking and much more.     Weston Coyney Pet Lodge Small Pet Boarding, 01782 322204   Excellent Hamster rescue with experienced knowledgeable staff.         General rabbit care and some rescue centre contact details  Some really good ideas about housing for rabbits     CottonTails has now registered with so do have a look at their site before you order goodies off the internet as you may be able to raise some funds for us without it costing you a penny more!     Find a FREE Rabbit Sitter – lists hundreds of UK pet sitters and thousands more worldwide, the majority of whom do not charge for pet sitting. To find a pet sitter for your rabbit simple sign up and post a ‘house sitting assignment’ explaining when you need a sitter and what responsibilities are required. has given all CottonTails Rescue readers a free six month membership to find a rabbit sitter. Simply use the code ‘cottontails’ when signing up.   Some excellent rabbit accommodation here, and some great ideas.  I am still not keen on the double storey versions for rabbit, however, so I suggest you stick to the single level hutches.  Well worth a look, especially as the 6′ hutches are around £125.  Australian company that makes good animal and chicken pens. Australian Pet Rescue website  Rabbit and Guinea pig boarding in Leicestershire   An interesting and entertaining website specializing in all things guinea pig!