Saturday 10th August

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Pampurred Pets at Frome held a small pet open day recently, and thanks to a raffle and Wendy Barry who manned the CottonTails stall, over £90 was raised for us!  A great effort, and thanks to Wendy and everyone who contributed on the day.…

Sunday 4th August

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Where is the time going?  I can’t believe it is into August already.  I have a big list of rabbits now to come in next month – it is going to be busy.  In the meantime, all the top hutches are needing new floors and door repairs so there is a lot to be done before the new little faces start appearing.…

Monday 22nd July 2013

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The photo is of Fraser, who is now firmly on the team, in charge of water bottles!
I am very pleased to report that Bambi our hare is definitely back to his old self again and has not had any relapse, which I was a bit concerned about as it is not uncommon for gut stasis-type issues to return in one form or another shortly after recovery.  …