Friday 7th September

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This is a strange time of year – we have just finished the rabbit pre-holiday dumping phase and have yet to enter the winter dumping phase so it is a sort of calm before the storm.  Despite that we are receiving several enquiries a day regarding the off-loading of unwanted rabbits, almost all of them for totally avoidable reasons had owners given just a bit of thought to the commitment they were about to embark on, not to mention the lack of awareness of basic rabbit welfare and the complex needs of such a pet. …

Tuesday 31st July

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Why does no one want the bunnies we have here?  We currently have 3 pairs and 2 singles, all gorgeous rabbits, but we have not had a single serious enquiry about adoptions for weeks.  I am assuming it is due to potential owners going away on holiday and sensibly delaying the purchasing of new pets until they return, so let’s hope that things pick up again very soon. …

Thursday 22nd March

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As you can see from the photo we now have new outside lights installed in the main rabbit section!  The previous ones ended up as strobes – sometimes on, sometimes off, depending on how they felt at the time, which made things a bit difficult, so when Ed Day very kindly offered his services I jumped at the chance to finally sort them out. …