Thursday 22nd March

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As you can see from the photo we now have new outside lights installed in the main rabbit section!  The previous ones ended up as strobes – sometimes on, sometimes off, depending on how they felt at the time, which made things a bit difficult, so when Ed Day very kindly offered his services I jumped at the chance to finally sort them out. …

Great fundraising effort!

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I would like to thank Ani Mills from Kingdown school in Warminster for managing to raise a whopping £84 for CottonTails!  This is an excellent effort and is timely as we are now having to find more funds to pay for the new RHD2 vaccine that all our rabbits are getting as routine, in addition to the combined vaccination that they already receive. …

NEW RHD2 VACCINE – October 2017

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I have decided to now vaccinate all our rabbits against RHD2, so every rabbit will be protected against this new but deadly disease.  The vaccine will be given 2 weeks after the usual combined vaccination, but as this has raised our costs considerably I have reluctantly had to increase the adoption fee from £45 each to £60, which is still an excellent price considering each rabbit is neutered, vaccinated against 3 diseases, and checked for dental disease and temperament. …