HONEY AND SNOWY – a very happy pair

  • Posted: December 2, 2018 
  • by Mairwen Guard   -  
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Honey and Snowy are mother and son, 5-6 years old.  Honey (mum) is an opal lop, Snowy is the white lop with grey nose.  Both are in good condition, and have been vaccinated against RHD2, with the combined vaccination to follow.  Snowy is neutered but Honey is not, and she is now of an age that it  is probably not really fair to put her through it.  She is very healthy with no signs at all of any tummy problems such as uterine and related tumours so I am confident it is in her best interests to leave her as she is.  This pair would be ideal pets for someone who does not want the 8-10 year commitment that a young pair would bring, and as they are so tame they would even make great pets for first time bunny owners.  They will need the usual recommended accommodation, so do click on the adoption criteria link below.  In view of their age we are happy for them to be adopted at a lower adoption fee of £60 for the pair instead of the usual £120 (but a bigger donation is always welcomed!)





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