• Posted: May 2, 2018 
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Holly is an 18 month old harliquin coloured neutered female, and had to be separated from her sister Poppy as they were not getting on well at all (not uncommon in female pairs).  She is available to adopt as a single bunny and has been neutered and vaccinated, or she could be adopted as a single house bunny as she is quite independent.  She is quite a large sized rabbit (3.4kg), but very steady.

UPDATE:  Holly has now found a new home as a friend for a lonely neutered male!  Here is what her new owner had to say:

Dear Mairwen
Just to say that Holly has really settled in well. She is getting braver each day with all of us feeding her and/or clearing out the litter tray etc. Roger and she sat next to each other through the chicken wire for 3 days so we decided to see what happens when we put them together and they seemed very happy and absolutely no aggression. Roger followed her around a little and sometimes she stayed and sometimes went elsewhere but he wasn’t bullying her or pressurising her at all. He is a very laid back boy. We separated them at night but we didn’t last night and all seems very well indeed. It really looks like they are happy together, and Phoebe has seen them grooming each other a little bit which is a sure sign of them bonding I feel. 
I just thought you’d like to know. 
We think she is very gorgeous and just the right size for Roger – they are a very handsome pair together. 
Many thanks indeed,




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