Adopt a Hutch!

Since 1993, CottonTails® has helped well over 10,000 rabbits and guinea pigs to find new homes, but this cannot be done without incurring major vet and general running costs.

This is where you come in!

By sponsoring a hutch in the adopt a hutch scheme you will be directly helping the rabbits and guinea pigs in our care, whether it be for neutering, vaccinating, treatment for illness, or food and bedding costs, and without such financial help we would not be able to continue.

In return for your help we will add your name to our Thank You page’s Sponsor a Hutch” sponsors section, together with any message you would like included, such as in memory of a particular pet or friend.

You can choose between either a reoccurring monthly subscription that lasts 1 year; or you can choose to cover the year in a single subscription payment!

At the end of your annual term it is then entirely up to you if you wish to renew it again – you will not be chased or pressurised to donate further, and your details will not be passed on to anyone else.

Please don’t forget Gift-Aid though!

If you are able to fill in the gift aid form, that will increase the donation by 25% from the government … at no extra cost to yourself.

Rabbit Accommodation

Our rabbit accommodation is split into three types:

1. The Bungalow

Support for single rabbits who are either waiting to be neutered or are ready to match with a suitable partner.
£2.50 per month or £25 per year!


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2. The Cottage

Accommodation for bonded pairs or mum’s with litters.
£4.50 per month or £45 per year!


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3. The Log Cabin

Accommodation for giant rabbits or very large litters (either in size or numbers).
£7.00 per month or £70 per year!

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Guinea Pig Accommodation

Our Guinea Pig accommodation comprises two types, kept in an insulated shed with low level heating during the winter months.  Weather permitting the guinea pigs are placed outside in runs on the grass.  The sponsorship is for the inside accommodation:

1. The Ranch

Large, 5-foot, hutch accommodation for groups, pairs or singles with attitude!
£2.50 per month or £25.00 per year!


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2. The Mews

Large inside Ferplast-type accommodation for single guinea pigs or individuals with special needs, or young babies.
£2.00 per month or £20.00 per year!


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Don’t Forget The Gift Aid!

If you qualify for Gift Aid, you can add Gift Aid to your donation and make your donation worth an extra 25%! Use our Gift Aid calculator to see how much you can have the government boost your contribution by!