• Posted: May 2, 2018 
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Fluffy and Charles are sister and brother, 6 months old.  Both have now been successfully neutered and will be ready for adoption as a bonded pair from around the 7th May onwards.  Both are lionheads, Fluffy being very pretty as she is ginger and white with beautiful blue eyes, Charles being dark chocolate brown all over, although his wispy bits look lighter.  They were bought as two brothers but the owner soon discovered they were not and decided to find them both a new home.  They are both small rabbits, weighing in at 1.7 kg and 2 kg respectively.  They have both had the combined vaccination and can have the RHD2 in around 2 weeks time.

UPDATE:  This pair are currently being fostered by Thea but they can return for viewing as they are local.


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