WAFFLE, her story

  • Posted: January 11, 2018 
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One sister (Waffle) now remains, and she is ready for bonding with a neutered male.  She is a very sweet bunny, cute and active, and will make a good pet.  The story of the sisters is below.  At the time of writing (12th March) Waffle is about 18 weeks old.  In the first of the photos below, she is the bunny on the far right hand side, short furred and tucking into broccoli!

UPDATE on Waffle:  She is now successfully bonded to a lonely neutered male.

This group of five females are actually from 2 litters, 2 weeks apart (from different mothers but the same father apparently).  The female with short fur and a small orange line on her forehead is 18 weeks old, the other 4 are 16 weeks old (20.2.18).  The first film was taken on the 9th January, the second film on the 17th February.  The first photo was taken on 17th February, the rest were taken on the 9th January.  They have all been given temporary names (or maybe permanent, depending on new owner preferences) by foster carer Annabelle and her friends, and I think they were maybe hungry at the time as there seems to be a breakfast theme going on:  Toast, Crumpet, Frosty, Pancake and Waffle!

UPDATE: They have now been spayed, but sadly two of them were found to have dental disease so are not available for adoption.   Looking at the first photo below, the three that are available are the two on the right hand side of the photo, and the female on the far left.  They will be ready to bond with a neutered male each from 27th February onwards.

Further Update:  The fluffiest female has now gone out on trial, and I know one will be going out on trial shortly (as a replacement for Fudge who is returning), so that leaves one sister available for bonding.  Here is an update from her new owner:

An update on Pancakes (we are keeping her name!).  She is the most sweetest, loving girl and surprisingly very cuddly!  She’s always hopping on the sofa for cuddles and loves playing with her new husbun!  They are now in the same cage at night and are very happy together.  I’m very confident in their bonding and we haven’t seen any signs of aggression so I have now registered her at my vets and she will be micro-chipped next week (so she’s free to graze in the garden).  Thank you so much for letting us adopt her – we all love her to bits!  (See photos towards the foot of the page).


Photos of Pancakes, sent by her new owner:


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