DAVE AND DORIS – adopted

  • Posted: December 10, 2017 
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Dave and Doris are 1 year old and originally came in as babies from 2 separate litters, with a male and female being bonded together from each litter.  They had a lovely new home in last March but sadly the owner’s circumstances have changed and they have returned to find a new home once more.  They are neutered and are vaccinated against both myxomatosis/RHD as well as RHD2.  The male is a harlequin lionhead, the female a harlequin and white dutch, both of them small rabbits, weighing in at 1.98kg (male) and 1.45kg (female).  They have had a lovely few months running free in a safe garden but have adapted well to being in a large hutch with run again, so this is the minimum they will need in their new home.

UPDATE:  Now that they have settled in properly it is clear that Doris does not suffer fools gladly!  Typical of the dutch breed, she is highly intelligent and as a result can be quite moody, especially at feeding time.  With this in mind I think they will need to go to an experienced home, one where there are no young children, and where they can get on with what they want to do without much interference from pesky humans!   The male is not as moody and loves playing with his toys, although I think that is more about trying to get rid of nuisance objects in his way than actually playing, but as as it can take him several minutes to move a jingly ball around I think there is an element of entertainment involved too.  Their ideal home would be one where they have lots of room to run around and lots of things to do, so an environment with different levels, with objects such as cardboard boxes and baskets to trash.  If you think you can offer these rabbit a permanent loving home, do get in touch.  They are currently being fostered by Annabelle, who has reported that they are behaving themselves so maybe they have turned over a new leaf!

UPDATE:  Dave and Doris are about to go to their new home!  The set up is perfect for them, lots of room to run around and do their own thing, which will suit them very well indeed.  It has taken a while for them to find their new home but it has been worth the wait.





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