BUTTERSCOTCH – out on trial

  • Posted: May 7, 2018 
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Butterscotch is a sweetheart – but at 7 years old he may struggle to find his forever home.  He is a neutered blue fawn lionhead, quite small at 2.21kg, and he was bonded to a female until she passed away recently.  He has only arrived for rehoming due to a change in the owner’s circumstances.  He is ready now to bond with a neutered female, or may make a rather good single house bunny.  I have checked his teeth and they are in remarkable shape for his age, which is great news.  There is no adoption fee for Butterscotch but a donation towards his vaccinations is always appreciated.  He has had his RHD2 vaccination and can have his combined vaccination from 20th May onwards.  If he adopted in the meantime he can simply return for his other injection after this date.

UPDATE:  Butterscotch is now out on trial as a friend for a lonely neutered female called Snowy.

UPDATE by hopeful new owner:

Well, not sure really! Very early days.  Yesterday they were side by side and apart from a bit of sniffing pretty much ignored each other.  This morning though they have discovered each other.  Butterscotch has been ‘digging’ at the wire with Snowy the other side, just looking on.  He has also been ‘spraying’ which I’ve never known a neutered rabbit to do, he must be marking his new accommodation!
He is eating well though, and seems happy, so will keep you posted.  He is not averse to being handled, and is very curious.  He has met the dogs (from the run) they are well used to rabbits so don’t react, and he seemed more than happy to sniff, so that’s good too.
I will get back to you, keep your fingers crossed! 
Kind regards, Angela


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