BUNYA AND BUGS – adopted!!!!!

  • Posted: March 12, 2018 
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Bunya and Bugs are a neutered male and female pair.  Bunya is a 3.5 year old female, an agouti lop, and Bugs is a grey and white dutch male, 5 years old.  Bunya is very fit and healthy, but Bugs has significant dental issues that would ordinarily have resulted in a quick vet trip to have him put to sleep.  In fact, that was my decision when I examined him on arrival as his incisors are maloccluded, and his molar teeth are amongst the worst I have encountered in 25 years of working with rabbit rescue.  The vet appointment was made but when I fed the pair that morning I was struck by how active and happy he seemed, even tucking into his food with enthusiasm (unbelievable as I simply do not know how he was managing to eat at all), so I made the decision to cancel his appointment and have dental treatment carried out instead and see how it went.  Bugs has proved to be a real trooper, and allowed the removal of wobbly teeth, trim back others, and remove a pile of rotting rubbish that had been stuck in there for months or longer without any fuss.  A quick application of precautionary pain meds and he was back with his friend, where he appeared to be none the worse for his experience.  He has not looked back since, and his front incisors seems to be staying put which is a bonus, and his molars appear to be behaving too so I am feeling quite optimistic.  All that is is need now is to try and find an extra special home with someone who is experienced in rabbits and would be willing to keep a watch on his teeth and either return him to me on a regular basis for checking or to take him to a local vet for periodic examination and possible treatment if required.  As he is 5 years old I am hoping the treatment he has had will see him through now, but it makes sense to just keep a watch on things as a precaution.

I know this will be a big ask of someone, but this pair are lovely and really deserve a good new home.  I am desperately hoping this story will have a happy ending – can you help to make that happen?  The film below was taken the day after he had his teeth check, and as you can see he is eating with enthusiasm!

UPDATE:  He has had two dental checks since then and everything is looking great!  I am confident now that his condition is stable and so long as he has periodic checks he will be fine.  Good news!

Further Update:  I am delighted to be able to say that this special pair have gone to their new home today.  I am absolutely thrilled as I know it will be a fantastic home and am confident they will be very happy.


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