• Posted: January 12, 2019 
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When Buddy first arrived, he was called Charlotte!  I always check the sex of new rabbits, so his true gender was soon established.  He is a neutered male, 4 years old, and was living as a house bunny until relocation forced his owner to find him a new home.  He is a small lionhead, 1.7kg, and as you can see in the photo and film, I gave him a bit of a trim around his face and rump.  His fur was actually in very good condition despite him being fluffy, so as long as he either lives as a house bunny or is bedded on soft straw he will likely not get many tangles.  As you can see from the film, the wood shavings stuck to his fur, so I will add in bedding to cover the shavings to make sure he does not continue to carry the extra bits.  It would be great to try him with a neutered female house bunny as I think he may well accept a new friend.  He is currently being kept outside but in a sheltered environment.  He has had his RHD2 vaccination and will have his combined vaccination in 2 weeks time.  I have checked his teeth and they are average for a rabbit of his age group, which is good news.

If you would like to consider adopting Buddy, please do not get in contact until you have had a look at our adoption criteria (link below) and also the bonding article (link below) as we recommend the slow bonding method, and if you would like to consider taking him on trial you will need to be able to set up accommodation alongside your female so they can live side by side for around 2 weeks before trying an introduction in neutral territory.
The standard donation of £60 will be required for Buddy.






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