ARCHIE, DEXTER, FLO AND ROSIE – fantastic bunnies!

  • Posted: November 10, 2018 
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Now this group have settled in I am delighted to be able to report that they are really great bunnies!  They all have outgoing and confident personalities but are also steady and will make good pets for even new owners who have not had rabbits before.  They are very entertaining and I find they are massive time wasters as I end up spending lots of time just watching them!

This group of 4 neutered rabbits are siblings, 2 brothers and 2 sisters, 3.5 years old.  They have always lived together and are strongly bonded.  They have had their RHD2 vaccinations and will have their combined vaccinations soon.  They are all overweight, so now that they are on a restricted pellet diet with lots of vegetables and hay they should soon start to shape up.  They are incredibly active despite this, however, as you can see from the film below.  They will make entertaining and delightful pets, of that I have no doubt.  They will need a large pen to accommodate all four, something like a shed or aviary with a run attached permanently would be best, or similar arrangement.  A normal sized hutch with run will not be big enough.

The two brothers are the sooty fawn lops, and the two sisters are the black lops.  Archie is the lop with a bit of white on his nose and he weighs 2.7kg, the lightest of the four.  Dexter is the other sooty fawn lop and weighs 3.4kg, Flo is the larger of the black lops weighing 3.7kg, and Rosie has a bit of white on her chest and weighs 3.1kg.  They should all weigh around 2.6kg so have some slimming to do!  Their teeth are all excellent, which is good news.  Ideally the adoption donation for each would be £60, making the four £240, but as this has added up to rather a lot we could do a “4 for 3” or similar arrangement as the most important thing is that they are found a loving and permanent home with the right accommodation.  Taking on 4 rabbits does mean 4 sets of vaccinations twice a year, so this does need to be taken into consideration if you would like to adopt them.



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