• Posted: February 26, 2015 
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Rosie is now neutered and is reserved pending a successful match with a neutered male.   The photos and film show Rosie and her brother when they were together, Rosie being the slightly bigger of the two, but she is not big, weighing 2.2kg.

Please check our adoption criteria before making enquiries about her.

UPDATE:  Rosie is now out on trial as a friend for a neutered male called Toffee.  Toffee is bigger than Rosie which has turned out to be a good thing as Rosie tried to be very bossy to start with, but has been put in her place!

UPDATE by temporary foster owner (real owners away on holiday):

Hi Mairwen,
All seemed to be going very well over the last day or so, they have
been eating together, there’s been lots of grooming (of Toffee by
Rosie), they’ve been sitting fairly close to each other, stretching
out in a very relaxed way (although not side by side) but seemed very
trusting of each other. However heard a bit of a noise at 5.30am so
came down to see what was happened and they seemed fine but then later
on I noticed quite a few tufts of fur around the run (mostly from
Rosie who is looking a little bedraggled!) which we were a little
worried about. Since then they have been eating together and a minute
ago I spotted them sitting/lying side by side for the first time which
I’m hoping is very positive so hopefully they’ve sorted out their
differences!! I’m attached a few photos.

Toffee and Rosie 1


Twitch and Bright Eyes 5  25.2.15

Twitch and Bright Eyes 4  25.2.15

Twitch and Bright Eyes 1  25.2.15

Twitch and Bright Eyes 3  25.2.15


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