Wednesday 7th September

  • Posted: September 7, 2016 
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Due to technical issues I have been unable to update the site for a while as the whole website had to be transferred to a new server and the process proved to be more tricky than was at first expected!  It looks like all is well now, and certainly from this end it appears to be a lot faster as far as uploading information is concerned and hopefully you will see a positive difference too in respect of speed of loading each page.  If you spot any issues then do let me know.

The new hutches are finally arriving on Sunday!  We have had two false starts with their proposed arrival, but it looks like this one will hold true which is great news.  In the meantime I have started taking in some new bunnies, with more arriving tomorrow and over the next week or so, after which I suspect we will be full again.  Whilst we have been quieter I have been busy with all the repairs and renewals as is the norm during the summer, including replacing the compact disc holders that hold the information about the animals in each pen with A6 snap frame holders, which do the job much better and look better too.  All the hutches needed re-roofing, but rather than embark on this mammoth task which would involved dismantling the runs, moving out all the hutches, striping off the old felting, and then applying new felting,  I came across some rather wonderful paint that is basically a liquid roof that can be painted on top of felting to seal, repair and make watertight any roofing material, so long as it is not going to be walked on (which it won’t).  The process of applying it was different than I expected – it was rather like taking some fabric fibres, mixing them with syrup, and then trying to apply it to roof felting with a brush!  Needless to say it took hours and I ended up with a really nasty deep blister on my hand, which has now thankfully healed.  I had to choose a warm dry day, and considering how long it took it was just as well, but at least it is job done and we are ready for the new hutches to arrive as they will be sitting on top of the lower hutches, hence the reason they had to be re-roofed as soon as possible.

Regular readers may remember I talked about the possibility of replacing the guinea pig shed around 2 years ago, but we felt at the time it was simply going to be too much trouble to complete the task as trying to coordinate the various parts of the job was proving impossible.  The good news is we have found, by chance, a small company that can complete the whole task of taking down the old shed (which at 13′ x 10′ is no mean feat), making the foundations (the existing one is only lying on some strategically placed blocks), erecting the new shed and installing the electricity again.  We are just waiting for the final quote now but it is looking promising.  It will be so good to have a bright and airy guinea pig area rather than the rather dark and dingy current one, and it will make it easier to keep an eye on the inmates too!

The photo is of Lucky, a little neutered male that will be arriving shortly.  He is now 6 months old so has grown a bit, but as he is a Polish crossbred he is still very small.

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