• Posted: June 13, 2017 
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Storm is a white and black lop, around 4 months old, now neutered and vaccinated and ready shortly to bond with a neutered female.  He was abandoned and someone was threatening to shoot him, so he is very lucky to still be alive.  He is a small lop, 1.4kg, but still has some growing to do.

UPDATE:  Storm is out on trial as a friend for a lonely neutered female called Molly.  The bonding is going well so it looks like he has found his new home.

Storm and Milly 1 11.7.17

Storm 3 14.6.17

Storm 2 14.6.17

Storm 1 14.6.17

Storm 10 14.6.17

Storm 9 14.6.17

Storm 8 14.6.17

Storm 5 14.6.17

Storm 4 14.6.17


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