ROSA – now called Wilma

  • Posted: January 11, 2018 
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Rosa is 6 months old and has now been neutered and vaccinated against myxomatosis and RHD1 as well as RHD2 vaccination. She is ready to bond with a neutered male, but preferably using the slow bonding method where the two are side by side for a couple of weeks before trying an introduction.  She is the mother of the three baby siblings listed separately.  She is a medium sized rabbit weighing just under 2.5kg.

UPDATE:  Rosa is now out on trial pending a successful match with a lonely neutered male house rabbit.

UPDATE by new owner:

Hi Mairwen,   Just want to give you an update on Rosa (now named Wilma). So it all happened very quickly, I came home one day and found that Wilbur had managed to get his way into her pen!! 

To my surprise they were cuddled up asleep together and I’m happy to confirm I think it was love at first sight! They’ve not been separated since and she’s happily having the run of the house with Wilbur! 
I can happily say she’s here to stay! 
Thank you so much for everything and I’ve attached some images 😊


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