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Rolo and Polo are brothers and are around 5 months old (January 2018).  They are white and black and one is semi long haired and both are very pretty.   Latest photos are towards the foot of the page.  Although they are bonded brothers, the shorter haired one is a bit bossy towards his brother so they would need to be kept in inside accommodation (apart from being outside in a run in the warmer weather of course) as Rolo does not get to go in the sleeping area very often!  Despite that they clearly are very fond of each other and will make lovely pets.  A hutch with two sleeping areas (one at each end) would also be fine – the important thing is that both pigs have somewhere to retreat to if they want to.  Rolo is very funny and popcorns all over the place when happy and waiting on his breakfast. He is the tamer of the two as well, but his brother will improve hugely with more handling, which a new home would provide I’m sure.  They are well worth a viewing!

UPDATE:  This lovely pair have now been adopted!  Here is an update by their new owners:

Hello Mairwen

Photos attached of ‘the boys’ as they are affectionately called.   They seem very happy to us eating well they love their celery, and this morning at breakfast time I was treated to quite loud squeaking from Polo!

They each have a cosy bed which they enjoy jumping in and out of and now come charging over to my daughter and I to be fed their veggies by hand every time we spend time with them.

I am delighted at how quickly they have developed a bond with us and as our first ever guinea pigs we could not be happier.

I will send you another update once the warmer weather arrives and they can go in the garden in their run.

Best wishes

Sarah and a Evie


gps Rolo and Polo 1 3.10.17

gps Rolo and Polo 2 3.10.17

gps Rolo and Polo 3 3.10.17

gps Rolo and Polo 5 3.10.17

These photos were taken on 1st December 2017:

Further Update:

Hello Mairwen

I hope you are well.  Some photos as promised of ‘the boys’ in their new run which arrived this week.    They are very happy and very chatty with us and have really become part of the family.  They make us laugh a lot and Rolo has become the bossy one now! 

I think we may have to put them on a diet judging by these pictures!


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