• Posted: October 1, 2017 
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Rolo and Polo are brothers and are around 16 weeks old (mid-November).  They are white and black and one is semi long haired and are very pretty.  Shortly after they arrived, Rolo (the longer haired one) stopped eating and was clearly unwell, but after a course of antibiotics he is now back to his arrival weight and is charging about all over the place!  In fact he has gained significant weight in the last two weeks (580 grams to 720 grams) so I am now happy for the pair to now be adopted. Latest photos are towards the foot of the page.

gps Rolo and Polo 1 3.10.17

gps Rolo and Polo 2 3.10.17

gps Rolo and Polo 3 3.10.17

gps Rolo and Polo 5 3.10.17

These photos were taken on 1st December 2017:


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