WILLOW – giant lop

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Willow is still living with her owners and I have suggested we put her details here on the website to see if someone comes forward to offer a good forever home.  Please get in touch with me directly either by phone or email if you think you can offer such a home, bearing in mind Willow will need a very large space as she is a giant rabbit! …


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This trio of sisters will be neutered towards the end of August, and sadly as females usually end up fighting even if spayed, they will each be available as match-ups for lonely neutered males.  Their story is listed separately under the “Bubble and her babies” listing.  …


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This trio of siblings comprise one male and two females, currently 8 weeks old (15th June 2017).  The male is almost ready now for neutering so I will arrange this hopefully within the next 2-3 weeks.  The two females need to be 14-16 weeks old before they can be spayed, so that will be another 2 months yet. …