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Benny and Honey are both German lops, weighing over 3kg each so they are quite big (but not giants however).  In their previous home they were used as a breeding pair so clearly get on rather well!  However, as neither are as yet neutered they can’t go as a bonded pair until they have both had their operations which I am hoping will happen on the 31st August (Benny will definitely be neutered but I have a limit of maximum 5 females for spay on neutering run days imposed by the vet and I already have 5 females booked in so Honey may have to wait until the next batch in September).…

COCOA – reserved

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Cocoa will be arriving around mid August to find a new home.  His partner passed away recently and his owners feel they don’t want to go through the bonding process again but would like him to have a new friend, which is why he is coming in for adoption.  …


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This trio of sisters will be neutered towards the end of August, and sadly as females usually end up fighting even if spayed, they will each be available as match-ups for lonely neutered males.  Their story is listed separately under the “Bubble and her babies” listing.  …