BABY BROTHERS – to be neutered early December

  • Posted: October 18, 2017 
  • by Mairwen Guard   -  
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This litter of 4 brothers are now 11 weeks old, and are the result apparently of a vet getting the sexing of the parents wrong.  The father is a netherland dwarf, and the mother a lionhead x dutch.  Apart from the black male, the other three are rather fluffy, but that hopefully will change when they have their first proper moult soon. However, they may still need an occasionally trim to keep their fur in check, so would be best adopted by experienced rabbit owners.  The plan at the moment is to rehome them as two bonded pairs, but I will see how they get on and make a decision once they have been neutered.  They are very small, three being under 600 grams and the black one weighing 850 grams, but all seem healthy so it is likely the genetics from their dwarf father that is responsible for their size.  Although theoretically they could be neutered now, I will wait a few weeks so they grow a bit bigger for the sake of anaesthetic safety.  As you can see from the photos, there is a white and fawn male, a sooty fawn and white male, a black male, and an agouti and white male.  The agouti and white one looks grey in patches as this is his undercoat and is showing through his top coat after his trim.  Apart from the black one, the other three have all had fur trims to smarten them up a bit due to the baby fluff.

UPDATE:  The brothers are booked for neutering on 6th December and then will be available either as two bonded brother pairs or possibly as match-ups for lonely neutered females, depending on how things are going at the time.  They are currently being fostered by Annabelle until their return for the neutering operations.



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