• Posted: July 29, 2017 
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This bonded pair of siblings are 5 years old and are ready for adoption.  Their owner is no longer able to keep them so they now need a new home.  They have not yet arrived but I will post an update once they are here.  There has been quote a bit of interest in them so I suspect they will find a new home soon.

Their owner sent this info:

Rabbits are brother and sister and are both neutered, they are around
five years old and as far as we know in good health. They can be
handled but would no doubt benefit from more close contact/handling.
They have always been together and don’t fight, we would hope they
could be kept together. We would be happy to offer the Hutch (about a
year old and in good condition) and the separate run but they would need to be collected.

new pair 3 27.7.17
new pair 2 27.7.17

UPDATE:  This lovely pair have now found a great new home!  Here is an update from their new owners:

Such wonderful bunnies, thank you!

Bruce and Sheila 2 22.8.17

Bruce and Sheila 1 22.8.17



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