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I would like to thank MAI Animal Health, Melksham, Wiltshire for donating a fantastic selection of small animal dental surgical instruments in June 2017 – they will be passed on to our vets who do all our dental checking and procedures and I am sure they will be very much appreciated!

Many people have helped CottonTails since we started in 1993, and I would like to give a very BIG thank you to everyone who has contributed in any way over the years. Although it would be a massive task to name each and every person, there are some individuals and organisations that have been particularly important in recent months (2016):

  • Jon Humphrey for his continued help with the web site.
  • Bev Weekes for the original design of the CottonTails logo, and Ben Abbott for logo redevelopment.
  • The neutering-run team, without whom the rescue would undoubtedly close, namely Hazel, Francis, Rachael and Wendy.
  • The Saturday helpers Annabelle and Hetty, and Sunday helper Hannah.
  • Foster carers Thea, Lizzie and Annabelle who have helped by looking after litters of babies and adult rabbits until they were ready for neutering.
  • Donation of special timothy hay and a huge box of healthy toys and treats sent by Jeanette, David and Daisy May.
  • Special donations from organisations during 2016 from: 

HOME FARM                                                       £44.10

ANIMAL AFFAIRS                                              £400

CHARITIES TRUST                                            £645.90

EASYFUNDRAISING                                         £92.29

GIVE AS YOU LIVE                                            £37.31

WESTON COYNEY PET LODGE                    £170

VETS NOW LIMITED                                       £50

ANIMAL AFFAIRS                                            £400

  • Damian Pacini, Mandy Stone and all the RSPCA vet clinic team for handling our rabbits and guinea pigs with such care and professionalism when they go for their neutering operations.
  • Manor Farm Vets at Codford for their continuing support.
  • Steve Wordley of First Call Skips at Westbury Industrial Estate for providing us with various baskets for the rabbits to destroy and have fun!
  • My husband Francis, and son Ben (who looks after all the animals and birds when I am away, as well as Hetty and Isobel), and son David who regularly cares for the chickens and pigeons and helps out when needed..
  • Val, Marjorie, Andy and Tim from Home Farm who keep up with the frequent orders for hay, shavings, straw and vegetables and who never grumble if they are asked to drop off an extra order!
  • Saturday volunteers Annabelle and Hetty, and Sunday volunteer Hannah – a huge thank you!

Various people have given donations during 2016, and for the list in full please refer to the annual report 2016 which is posted elsewhere on the site – my sincere thanks to them all!  

Below is a photo of Ben, without whom I would never be able to have a break as he holds the fort for me if I manage to sneek a few days away!


Below is Annabelle who comes every other Saturday to help with cleaning and is generally a huge help all round.  Annabelle also fosters rabbits for us, including litters of babies.


Below is Hannah who helps out on a Sunday morning.

Hannah 13.3.16

Last but not least is Francis, my husband, without whom CottonTails could not run properly as he organises the trips to the tip, the bedding and vegetable collection runs, and various other vital roles in the day to day running of the charity.


Adopt-a-Hutch Sponsors

This is the section where sponsors of the adopt-a-hutch scheme can add their details and any message they would like to add.

Lettuce and Nibbles 10 19.11.14

Tom Mulcrone:  Thinking about all the little ones at Christmas.

Jennifer and Helen:  Dear Cotton Tails Rescue team,
We read about the wonderful work you do with rescue rabbits and guinea pigs and felt we wanted to support the work you do. We hope this helps with the costs – we know they are considerable as we have 2 rescue bunnies of our own (whom we love dearly!)
Keep up the good work.

Laura Childs:  Thank you so much for your help and advice regarding rebonding Brownie and Bunnie and for putting me in touch with Jackie.
Bunnie is apparently already happy with her new gentleman friend at Jackie’s house and we wait to see if Brownie is happier on her own.
Time will tell.   Thanks again,  Laura

Emily Tucker:  Thank you for taking on Ginny’s babies. Three lovely bunnies, I’m sure will go to good forever homes with your help xxxx

Karen Alexander:  I am donating in memory of my beautiful Barney who I sadly lost recently. He was an amazing rabbit and best friend to me and my partner. Please accept this donation to contribute towards your hard work in looking after unwanted bunnies.

Alexandra Millar:  You do such good work!

Emily Donelon:   Thank you so much for taking in my Luna. She is a lovely bunny and I’m sure you can find her the perfect husbun . Thank you for all you do, you have a fantastic set up and I’m sure she has settled in well xxx

Harry:  I love rabbits send me emails every day!

Jo Woodman:  Thank you for your help to find a friend for my girl bunny – the bonding session was ideal & went so smoothly! I’m really hopeful for a great friendship between the two of them, all the signs look positive!

Ged and Wendy Barry:  Tula our “cottontails” bunny is 7 years old and very much loved. This donation is on behalf of Tula to help other bunnies!

Claire Thomas:  Beatrice has been bonded with our much loved 9 1/2 year old male, Muffin. They will enjoy the huge space at the bottom of the garden. Thank you so much for the amazing work that you do to re-home and rescue rabbits.

Dianne Ellard:  Hope all at Cottontails (Staff & Animals) have a Good New Year & a Healthy one as well.

John and Catherine McGuire :  Merry Christmas to Mairwen and all at Cottontails -wishing you all the very best for 2017, from John, Catherine, Toes & Quinny!

Jane Vaughan:  Merry Christmas to all at CottonTails and best wishes for 2017 x

Dianne Ellard:  In Memory of Lucie & Scottie, adopted from Cottontails.

Elizabeth:  In loving memory of *AuntJ* – gone to Bunny Heaven!
Loved visiting your website and congratulate you on all you do. Wish
there was something similar here in Oz.

Chris Rowland, Platinum Financial Management : Please find a donation made through your online systems for £100.  As a company we have once again decided that instead of sending Company Christmas cards, we would instead donate the money normally spent to a few local charities selected by some of our clients. May I take this opportunity to applaud all the good work that you do and to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2017.Kindest regards,  Chris Rowland,  Director