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  • Posted: February 9, 2018 
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I will add in updates and new photos during his recovery, but in the meanwhile, here is his story:

Moose is a 4 year old neutered male, and when he arrived recently he was in a terrible state.  He had all the signs of mucoid enteritis, was desperately thin and dehydrated and had lost all his fur around his tail and rump, with bacterial and fungal infections in his skin where the fur had simply rotted away.  His abdomen felt like it was full of knotted soggy dough, and he was full of gas.  I will be perfectly honest and say that I doubted very much that he would survive, but decided to give it my best shot and got to work on him straight away.  On top of his other issues he also had a small dental spur on a molar tooth, but as I was confident that this would not be a ongoing issue for him (with a proper diet he should not have problems like this again) I decided to give him a full dental and remove it so that at least he would now be able to eat without any discomfort.  The owner had said he was hardly eating anything, but the diarrhoea was running out of him like a persistent dripping tap which is why all his fur had gone – how he had survived this long I simply do not know, but to me that indicated a strong bunny that wanted to survive.

I started him on a course of antibiotics and treated him for gut stasis and bloat, with the most ingredient, pain relief, being the first thing to administer.  By day three he was eating with enthusiasm, starting to pass droppings that were starting to look more normal, and the dripping at the back end stopped.  Taking the photos and the film on day 6 (today, 9th February) I am feeling very optimistic indeed!  He takes his meds like a trooper and absolutely loves his Metacam (pain relief), so much so he won’t let go of the syringe.  This is the last day of his medications so we will see where we go from here, but I have every hope now that he will be ready for adoption in 3-4 weeks time so long as he continues to make progress.

UPDATE:  Moose is now reserved but it will be at least 2 weeks before he can go out on trial as I want to be sure his fur is growing back in again and that he is definitely robust enough to withstand any changes.  He has come on so much that I have little doubt he is determined to make a full recovery and apart from his missing fur you would struggle to see his issues now.  Once he goes out on trial he will be living side by side with an elderly neutered female, and very very slowly he will be introduced to her if the initial few weeks of living side by side goes well.  He needs to be completely furred up again before he can meet her however, for obvious reasons of his own safety!

UPDATE 17th February:  Two days ago Moose suddenly became very ill.  This came out of the blue as he had been doing so well, was putting on weight and his droppings had returned to normal.  I knew immediately he was not right as instead of coming over for his breakfast that morning, he stayed in his sleeping area and did not move.  I started treatment immediately for what appeared to be severe gut stasis and chronic gut inflammation, and brought him inside to keep him warm and to encourage him to move around.  The pain relief started working within about 5 minutes and he was gently hopping about exploring, but still would not eat so I started the whole syringe feeding bit and we went from there.  He had several repeats of this regime over the next two days, and I am relieved to be able to report that he is now back on the road to recovery once more.

The photo below was taken on day 6, so although he is still bald around his tail and legs you can see he is clean and dry.  I will add in updates as and when it seems appropriate so you can follow his progress.



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