MOLLY, TIA, MARIA, AND VODKA – now Blossom, Daisy, Primrose and Rosie

  • Posted: February 11, 2018 
  • by Mairwen Guard   -  
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This bonded group of four females – mother and daughters – have just arrived and already have settled in and eating with enthusiasm!  Mum (tri- coloured with a light fawn patch on her side, featured in the film below) is 3 years old, and her daughters are 18 months old.  Molly is the black and tan, Tia the proper tri-colour, and Maria is mainly white with a fawn patch on her rump and a black bit on her face.  Most of the photos were taken whilst they were still in their carrier!

Ideally it would be great if they can be adopted as they are in a group, but if I may be prepared to let them go as two pairs if no one comes forward soon.

UPDATE:  This little group have now been adopted by former foster carer Nicki, and I know they are going to have a fantastic home with her and her family.

UPDATE by new owner:

Hi Mairwen,
All going well so far, they are quite nervous and jumpy (doesn’t help that current set up means we have to take the roof off and loom over them to feed them but will sort that out soon) but eating well and starting to venture out onto the grass occasionally. Holly and Maddie love them and aren’t deterred by the rain at feeding time!
Thank you,

Hi Mairwen,

Hope all is well at Cottontails, all going well here. Getting their set up a bit more sorted now, found a huge 6ft second hand hutch as a base to connect the runaround tunnels to.

I wasn’t sure they’d work them out as they’ve been so nervous of exploring but with a bit of encouragement (I had to pick each of them up and push them into the tunnel) they all now race up and down the tunnel to the grass which is really good. Only problem is the speed that they eat the grass!! I can’t keep up with moving the run!

I lined the hutch with Lino the other day and while I was doing it we put them in a puppy pen on the grass  (very closely supervised) and they had a great time and were much braver than I expected so I’ll do that again sometimes to try to keep up with their grass intake!
Some photos below.



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