• Posted: October 3, 2017 
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Miffy is 18 months old and is a medium sized rabbit at 2.4kg.  She has now been spayed and will be ready to bond with a neutered male once she has recovered (from 10th October onwards).

UPDATE:  Miffy is out on trial as a friend for a lonely neutered male.

UPDATE by new owner:

Just an update on Miffy (now called Lulu) She has settled in well. Haven’t introduced her to Herbie yet but they see each other all the time in the separate homes and like spending time out in the garden in a separate runs both seem happy with each other. She’s a very calm & loving rabbit & likes her home just so. 
Next weekend we are planning on introducing them, which I feel will be fine. 
Kind regards kirsten

Further update:

Hi Mairwen,
Just a quick update, Missy has settled right in & Opie has not left her side, laying next to her hutch door for hours!

UPDATE:  I have just heard that the pair are now bonded successfully, so Miffy has found her new home!

Another update by new owner:

Lulu has been with us for 4 months now and settled in really well with our rabbit Herbie.  She is the quietier one of the two.  Many thanks.


Miffy 4 3.10.17

Miffy 2 3.10.17

Miffy 1 3.10.17


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