HOP – great little house bunny!

  • Posted: June 13, 2017 
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Hop is a tiny (930 grams) agouti coloured Netherland dwarf neutered male, 11 months old.  He has recently sadly lost his partner as she was found to have significant dental disease, but they really did not get on very well and in two tentative introductions with neutered females since then he made it clear that he does not want to share his life with another bunny any more!  I think he would make a great little house bunny, as he is spotlessly clean, has not shown any signs so far of being destructive (apart from the usual things that rabbits do) and has a funny quirky personality that is entertaining.  He has been dental checked and vaccinated and is ready for adoption straight away.

UPDATE:  Hop has now been adopted by a lovely local lady and I can tell he is going to have a fantastic new home.

Hop 4 14.6.17

Hop 3 14.6.17

Hop 5 14.6.17

Hop 2 14.6.17


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