GIANTS LOLA AND OLLIE – happy ending!

  • Posted: November 7, 2017 
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Lola and Ollie are a neutered and bonded 2 year old pair of Giant French Lops, having arrived for rehoming due to the owners change in personal circumstances.  Lola is 5.3kg, Ollie 4.2kg, so not huge giants but big all the same.  They will need large accommodation suitable for their size.  They have had both the combined vaccination and their RHD2 vaccinations recently so are fully covered.  They are fantastic rabbits and are great fun, very entertaining and always up to no good! They are excellent at jumping up and over obstacles so need very large and very safe accommodation to prevent them from exploring your garden or that of your neighbours!

Despite all this, it is going to be extremely hard to find this pair a home as Ollie has slight malocclusion of his front teeth, a genetic condition that has likely been passed on by one or both of his parents .  As he is 2 years old I am happy that this issue is not going to be a major one, but having said that, he will need his teeth clipped (not a technique favoured by vets these days but effective none the less) or burred down approximately once a month or so to make sure they stay the length they are meant to be.  He could have his incisor teeth removed, although this is a significant procedure and ideally if we can find a home with someone like a vet or vet nurse who can maintain his teeth that may be better.  He has a massive appetite (as has Lola) and even eats straight after having had his teeth filed, which is a good sign.

Unlike back molar teeth dental disease, malocclusion affects the front incisor teeth.  The lower two incisors should naturally sit just behind/underneath the top two incisors, resting on the small 2 peg teeth that are positioned just behind the top incisors.  If the incisors do not line up like this, this results in either the top or bottom incisors (or sometimes both) growing out of control.  As rabbits’ teeth are open rooted, this means that they continue to grow throughout the rabbit’s life and are only kept in check by eating a correct healthy diet and also lining up correctly to each other.  Ollie’s lower incisors are slightly overlapping his top incisors and hence will grow without check, but the growth in 2 weeks has been very slow indeed, hence the reason I feel I would rather not have him put to sleep – the usual outcome for such a condition – but try and find a suitable home for the pair instead.

There is no charge for this pair, just a donation to help towards the vaccinations that they have recently had would be good.  Their current accommodation is a large shed with windows, leading to an outside concrete area that they have use of all day.  They will need similar sized accommodation in a new home.  If you think you can offer a permanent loving home to this pair, do get in touch.

UPDATE:  A lovely family have come forward to offer this pair a home, and they will go at the beginning of the year.

Further update:  They have gone to their new home!!!! Updates to follow.

UPDATE by new owner:

Hi Mairwen

I thought i’d let you know how Lola and Ollie are getting on. We have re-named them (Pip as he went straight for any fallen apples in the garden!) and Lola (she quite likes Sorrel and my son is very keen on the name) and are loving watching them. We even ate breakfast outside this morning so we could watch them!

They aren’t outside as much as i was first expecting but there are happy cleaning themselves and exploring inside the hutch. At one stage i even thought Pip (Ollie) was going to leap over the internal partion. He has enjoyed a little dig in the garden as you can see in the photo. I have booked him in for his teeth to be burred next Thursday 11th. I am sure as they get used to the space and the weather improves they’ll be outside more often.

Best wishes



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