• Posted: July 31, 2013 
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The following was written by their owner:

Hi, as requested please find attached some photos of my 4 bunnies i adopted from you a few years back.

Billy (Grey) & Betsy, adopted in January 2008 numbers 229 & 226.  I had Betsy first as a match up for a French lop who had just lost his brother, however as soon as i got them home it became very clear they were not going to be friends and had to be separated so a couple of hours later I came back over to Westbury to collect Billy, her brother, and they have been an inseparable pair ever since. Betsy I believe had been a very poorly baby with diarrhoea, and I think you said at the time you nearly lost her.  As a result she hadn’t been spayed when I had her as she was too small so I had her done a few months later.  However she is now a very fiesty but affectionate bunny and tends to be the brains of the pair. Billy loves coming in the house and can often be found inside when the back door or conservatory is left open and he is loose in the garden, but he would however be lost without his sister and tends to follow her around. This does tend to get him into trouble as she will be the first to start eating a plant and is much quicker to run away if she senses me coming and Billy tends to be the one who gets caught nibbling my flowers after copying her!


The other photos are of George & Millie (no’s 81 & 82 when adopted).  They were two of the French Lops that were in your greenhouse, adopted on 15/11/2008. George is a very large chap with a lovely big head and his sister is a good size but is not so chunky and more nervous, they both love being free in the garden, but are quite lazy and as you will see in the photos George likes to sleep under the plum tree.  He is very protective of his sister and if she is hiding at the back of the house and I reach in to stroke her, he will sometimes give me a grunt to warn me to leave her alone, but never bites. They are generally placid but I did see George take off after a cat once when it tried jumping over the 6ft fence into the garden and has never been seen again. Unfortunately the two pairs of bunnies are not friends and in spring time love to try and fight through the wire of their cage when one pair are out loose, so they have to take it in turns to have free time in the garden.  Best regards, Helen





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