• Posted: January 11, 2018 
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Fudge is currently out on trial as a friend for a lonely neutered male, but it would appear that they are not getting on very well so the chances are high that she will return shortly.  I will post updates as and when I know more.

Fudge is an 18 month old lionhead female, and has now been neutered and vaccinated against myxomatosis and RHD1 as well as RHD2.  She is ready  to go out on trial as a friend for a lonely neutered male, but preferably using the slow bonding method where the two are side by side for a couple of weeks before trying an introduction.  Fudge is a medium sized rabbit just under 2.5kg.

UPDATE:  Fudge is now out on trial as a friend for a lonely neutered male.

UPDATE by new owner:

Fudge enjoying sitting her favourite spot, she absolutely loves being outside!  There are still slopes and grass ledges to go in, plus once they have bonded I will create a grass area for them, Fudge spends all her time outside, she loves sitting out watching my cats, she was frightened of our little one at first but now watches out for her & one of the older ones sits by her in the sunshine, it’s lovely to watch, we’ll be splitting the enclosure in half next week for Opie to go in, they’ll be side by side then until they have bonded. She is such an adorable little character.


FURTHER UPDATE:  I have just been informed that Fudge has definitely been adopted, regardless of bonding success, and the bonding is now looking quite promising!


Hi Mairwen, just an update on Opie & Fudge, they had a meet, there was a bit of a scuffle, but nothing major, bit of fur flying but no damage mentally or physically, I think it was our fault for making the meeting space too big so allowed for chasing, we’ll know better next time! They are very close now, laying side by side and he’s become very protective of her, chasing other cats out of the garden and running back to her, so we are pretty sure with patience they will bond x


Took this photo this morning, she’s digging up my planters just because she can ha ha! Both Fudge & Opie are doing great, not fully bonded yet but very happy! 


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