• Posted: July 13, 2017 
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Coco is 6 months old and is a very pretty white and fawn lop female, neutered and vaccinated.  She can either be adopted as a single bunny who must have lots of room to run around, or as a match-up for a lonely neutered male.  If the latter, the bonding would need to be using the slow method as she has recently been spayed and could do with 3 weeks or so living side by side with her would-be friend to allow them to get used to each other, desensitize and allow her hormones to settle.

She has been out on trial for the last week but her “friend” did not like her so she has returned for another try at a new home.  Her temporary owner said she was confident and out-going, got on really well with the dogs, and was really happy running around the garden.  She does not give any signs that she is at all lonely, so perhaps it would be best if she was adopted as a much-loved outside bunny with access to the garden, where she will definitely be an entertaining pet.

Update:  Coco is now reserved and will be going to her new home soon where she will live as an outside rabbit but also a house bunny so will have the best of both worlds!

UPDATE by new owner:

Settling in well. Will update again in a few weeks so you can update her previous owners.

Coco 6 18.8.17

Coco 5 18.8.17

Coco 4 18.8.17

Coco 3 18.8.17

Coco 2 18.8.17

Coco 1 18.8.17


Coco 1 20.7.17

Coco 2 20.7.17

Coco 4 20.7.17

Coco 5 20.7.17

Coco 6 20.7.17











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