BASIL – now bonded to Gloria

  • Posted: November 22, 2017 
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Basil and his close buddy Gerald were living in a care home but sadly it was found there was no time to look after them properly so they were rescued and have arrived here to find a new permanent loving home.  Basil is a short haired cream and white male, around 1 year old.  They were until yesterday (18th December) available for adoption as a closely bonded pair, but perhaps it is just as well they were not immediately snapped up as suddenly Gerald became withdrawn and on examination it was evident he had a tumour below a kidney, and clearly it had spread as it was starting to affect his breathing.  The decision was made to sadly call it a day but before I could get him to the vet he passed away quietly, with Basil by his side.  Basil had been very attentive during the last couple of days, hardly leaving his side at all, and I am sure that was a comfort to Gerald in his last moments.  Once Basil was ready, he moved away and hid in another part of the hutch, so I felt that was the right time to move him to a new pen, with a rather lovely female next door – to try and cheer him up.  Basil will now be neutered on the 9th January so he will be available to bond with a female (not a male) from the 9th February onwards, but in the meantime he can go out on trial to live side by side with a female so long as he returns for his operation and is not put with the female until after the 9th February.

UPDATE:  Basil has gone out on trial as a friend for a lonely female.  Initially after his operation he seemed sad but okay, but after a couple of days he became withdrawn and would not eat unless hand fed, possibly due to side effects of the antibiotics he needed to have post op, but as you can see from the second update by new owner Ellie it looks like he is at last picking up …

UPDATE by new owner:


Just thought you might like a update now that Basil and Gloria have been together for about a month now.  They are getting along really well and they are both very much enjoying the companionship.  I’ve attached a picture of the two of them.  
Thank you for all your help.

This is what their temporary owner (who rescued them) had to say about them, before we sadly discovered that Gerald had a terminal illness:

These two boys are around a year old.   Through no fault of their own, coming to CottonTails rescue has been their 4th move.  Although they haven’t always had a great deal of human contact, they both have lovely temperaments and become very trusting after only a little encouragement, time and kindness shown to them.  Basil is very curious and inquisitive and the braver of the two when it comes to people.

Photos taken by owner:

UPDATE:  Basil is now out on trial as a friend for a lonely female.  We won’t know for some time if the match will work as he can’t meet his new friend until after the 9th February.  He has lost condition since his operation but is keen to eat when being held and hand fed dandelions and grass, so I am hopeful now that he is going to have some special attention and a lady friend next door he will really start to put on weight and be happy once more!

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