BASIL AND GERALD – available – what a lovely pair!

  • Posted: November 22, 2017 
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Basil and Gerald are about a year old and were living in a care home but sadly it was found there was no time to look after them properly so they are here to find a new permanent loving home.  Basil is a short haired cream and white male, and Gerald is a chocolate and white semi long haired male.  Gerald does not need brushing but a very quick trim every month or so would keep his rump “fringe” in check.

Here is what their owner had to say:

These two boys are around a year old.   Through no fault of their own, coming to CottonTails rescue has been their 4th move.  Gerald is the long haired boy and Basil is smooth haired.  Although they haven’t always had a great deal of human contact, they both have lovely temperaments and become very trusting after only a little encouragement, time and kindness shown to them.  Basil is very curious and inquisitive and the braver of the two when it comes to people and Gerald is more wary and shy.  Having said that, Gerald is perhaps more dominant over Basil when they are alone.  He often waits until Basil has got some food and then takes it off him.  Basil doesn’t seem to mind so long as he still gets something to eat too.  They love to snuggle up together but also, being boys, they do like their own space occasionally.

Photos taken by owner:


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