• Posted: January 11, 2018 
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Biscuit is an 18 month old lionhead female, and has now been neutered and vaccinated against myxomatosis and RHD1 as well as RHD2 vaccination.  She is ready now to bond with a neutered male, but preferably using the slow bonding method where the two are side by side for a couple of weeks before trying an introduction. She was living with her sister (Fudge) but Fudge has gone out on trial with a neutered male so Biscuit is now on her own.   Most female/female pairs fight later on even if related and spayed, and it was becoming apparent latterly that things were not going so well as I was finding clumps of Biscuits fur on the floor every morning so they were separated just in time.  Biscuit is a medium sized rabbit just under 2.5kg.

UPDATE by new owner:

HI there
Just to let you know Biscuit is doing really well here and is a super friendly rabbit who loves LOTS of attention. She was pleased to see our existing rabbit Woody but not as happy as he was. Cue lots of happy binking.
They have been outside in separate runs for 2 weeks until the weather turned nasty and they are now bonding inside in a bathroom! Biscuit seems very happy to be indoors in the warmth. So far so good with the bonding, Woody is a very shy rabbit and is snuggling tight to Biscuit for comfort. It seems she likes her new role of comforter in chief. We will keep you updated when they go back outside in a week in their superdooper combined run and hutch.
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