• Posted: February 17, 2018 
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Bill and Ben are two bonded brothers, 2 years old, and they are needing to find a new home.  The photos were taken whilst they were being weighed, shortly after their arrival.  Ben (the darker one) weighs 1.27kg, and Bill weighs 1.12kg, both good sized guinea pigs.  Although they were shy when they first arrived, they have gained in confidence hugely and are getting better every day.  Bill is simply stunning to look at, very pretty indeed, and tolerates being handled very well.

The reason I have requested that they would be best with an experienced home is that Bill has clearly at some point in his past been dropped on his chin and this has caused damage to his front teeth.  However, he eats well and it appears not to bother him at all so I think all that will be required is to keep an eye on them just as a precaution.  If he is adopted locally I am happy to check him as often as is necessary.  I am also happy to let them go for long term fostering if that would suit someone better than adopting them, which means I can have them back should any problems occur in the future.

UPDATE:  This lovely pair have now been adopted!

Hi Mairwen
Just dropping you a line to let you know how the two boys are doing. And they’re fine, eating very well and seem to be happily settled with us. Ben is still very nervous but I’m working on taking him out every day. They are very sweet together, usually side by side, and I’ve never seen them bickering like many guinea pigs do. 
They’re a delightful pair and they’ve enriched our household – everyone’s very taken with them.

Regards, Helen


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