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The film below is an extended version of the one above, with more details about the rabbits.  Otherwise skip down to the details below.

UPDATE: This pair have finally been adopted!  Their new home is in Kent, and their new owners have sent the following film and update:

UPDATE by new owners:

I’m pleased you liked watching the two little monkeys! Yesterday they were quiet, but spent the morning and evening out in their run. They are eating well. When I let them out at 7am today, they both came straight out into the run and hopped around much more confidently. Bella has much more ‘attitude’ today, and even touched noses through the wire with my cat, who she ran away from yesterday! I think they needed a day to settle down after a traumatic time with travelling and a new environment, but seem to have found their feet now. All food disappears rapidly, so they are eating a lot. (Greens, a few leaves of dandelions, celery, curly Kale, small pieces of carrot, small amounts of mainly pellet dried food.) They have plenty of hay and lots of grass in their run.
I’ll send you more videos/pictures in due course so you can see how they’re getting on.

Further update:

Hi Mairwen. A video for you so you can see how the bunnies are. They’ve been enjoying the warm weather galloping around in their run, and are now having an afternoon nap!
They are eating well and seem very settled now.


Belle, 14 months old (16.12.14)  is a very unusual bunny as she had Belgian Hare parents, but her grandparents comprised a Belgian Hare female and large male rex, hence her unusual black and tan colouring.  She behaves very much like a Belgian Hare, and is stunning to look at.  The film below is taken from the footage shot when trying to match her with our Brown Hare, Bambi, but the bonding failed (no real surprise there).  She was then successfully matched with Alf, a neutered male around 18 months old, originally from the RSPCA where he was handed in with his litter mates as a baby.  They are strongly bonded and have developed into a very friendly pair, both of them seeking a stroke or two!  They are both very active and will make entertaining, rewarding and fun pets, but as they are both quite big they will need accommodation that is larger than the average for a pair, ideally something like a shed with run attached or perhaps an aviary.

Before making enquiries about them, please make sure you have the right sort of accommodation by following the link to the right of this page.

Belle and ALf April 2015

Belle and Alf 5  21.12.14

Belle and Alf 4  21.12.14

Belle and Alf 1  21.12.14

Belle and Alf 8  21.12.14

Belle and Alf 2  21.12.14

Belle and Alf 9  21.12.14

Belle and Alf 7  21.12.14




Here is a film of Belle and Alf (now known as Bella and Alphie) in their new home:

Here is the latest film:


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