• Posted: June 15, 2017 
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This pair of females arrived with their brother (he is on the right in the photo further down of the three of them together), who has now been adopted.  The females will be neutered on the 31st August and will be ready to bond with a neutered male each once they have recovered.  Sadly due to the high chance that they will fight when older, the sisters cannot go as a bonded pair (most female pairs will end up fighting, even if spayed).  The first five photos were taken by foster carer Lizzie and they are the most recent, the photos further down are of them shortly after they arrived here.

UPDATE:  Here is an update from the male’s new owners:

Hi Mairwen,
I wanted to let you know that Nala and Socks have bonded really well. They now lick each other and sit together and had their first night together last night with no problems.
Socks (now named Pipkin from Watership Down – my daughters favourite book) is loving having free reign of our garden during the day and is twisting, turning and racing all over the lawn much to our amusement. He then flops down on his side and snoozes. He’s very confident but so lovely and didn’t seems phased by Nala at all. It was her who took the time to accept him but all good so far.
He is booked in at the end of the week to be castrated and we will keep them separated to sleep for a few days after that.
Anyway, thought you might like the update.
Kind Regards,
CHops and Badger 1 18.8.17
CHops and Badger 3 18.8.17
CHops and Badger 4 18.8.17
CHops and Badger 5 18.8.17
CHops and Badger 2 18.8.17

babies 21 15.6.17

babies 13 15.6.17

babies 20 15.6.17

babies 15 15.6.17

babies 19 15.6.17

babies 14 15.6.17

babies 12 15.6.17

babies 17 15.6.17

babies 10 15.6.17

babies 9 15.6.17

babies 16 15.6.17

babies 8 15.6.17

babies 7 15.6.17

babies 6 15.6.17

babies 5 15.6.17

babies 11 15.6.17

babies 4 15.6.17

babies 3 15.6.17

babies 1 15.6.17

babies 2 15.6.17


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